Launching of the new MaVíz Export catalogue

Launching of the new MaVíz Export catalogue

The "Export products and services of the Hungarian Water Sector", a new publication of the Hungarian Water Utility Association was launched in October 2016 with the aim of helping our partners to find the best materials, equipment and professional knowledge that are necessary for the establishment and operation of water and wastewater utility services.

The publication aims to introduce those water utility companies and companies from the water industry, which have developed high quality export products and services and would be willing to share their experience and skills, which have been accumulated during the past decades. You can discover not only the services of the water sector’s producers and suppliers but also the world famous knowledge and best practices of the Hungarian water utility companies. Our members can share with you their skills and offer you excellent solutions in water leakage detection practices, arsenic removal, the reduction of non-revenue water, the design of water safety plans and the operation of water supply and wastewater treatment services. In addition to this, you can also choose from a wide range of water meters, pipes, control software, complex water treatment technologies, machineries and laboratory equipment.

In the publication you can also find some information about our training programmes that can be tailored to your special needs. The continuously increasing demand for the export products and services of the Hungarian water sector shows that our members always deliver high quality solutions to their partners.

The MaVíz International Training Programme was launched in 2016. It is exclusively designed for those foreign students and employees of the water sector, who wish to acquire new practical skills, knowledge, experience and best practices from the experts of the Hungarian water utility sector in selected topics.

The catalogue can be downloaded from below:


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Export Products and Services of the Hungarian Water Sector6.25 MB