MaVíz Academy - The MaVíz International Training Programme

The MaVíz Secretariat puts together each year a training programme based on the topics suggested by our members, which generally reflect the most important challenges that are at stake in the water sector. The topics include among others water loss analysis and leakage detection, energy efficiency measures, energy audit, water metering and the challenges that are surrounding the agricultural use of sewage sludge. Our trainings are generally of two different types: one-day technical workshops and trainings that last for several days. Since one of the biggest challenges of the water sector is the lack of future experts, we are also closely collaborating with technical high schools and universities in the organization of awareness raising campaigns in order to motivate students to choose their future study courses, which are related to the water sector.

The MaVíz International Training Programme was launched in 2016. It is exclusively designed for those foreign students and employees of the water sector, who wish to acquire new practical skills, knowledge, experience and best practices from the experts of the Hungarian water utility sector in the following topics:

• pumps (choosing the right pump, optimal capacity, maintenance work, breakdowns)
• efficient control techniques and automatic systems in the water utility sector
• sewage sludge strategy, questions, experiences and solutions
• safety instructions at work, duties and experiences
• type of water meters, their function and installation
• operating small and medium size treatment plants (2.5-3 weeks)
• acquiring useful skills in the area of water supply and sewerage systems
• fundamentals of civil engineering
• hydraulic scaling, water loss detection and the reduction of non-revenue water (one week)
• sewage treatment technologies, the treatment of sewage sludge and its forms of utilization
• water purification technologies
• training for laboratory technicians

The MaVíz Secretariat also takes the responsibility to provide interpreters, accommodation and catering during the whole period of the training course. During our training programmes, we invite experts from our partner educational institutions, the water industry and from the utility companies. At the Dráva Völgye High-School in the city of Barcs, there is a chance to start a two-semester technical training for young professionals, who are planning to work in the water sector and would like to deepen their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The educational partners of the Hungarian Water Utility Association:

Universities and Colleges

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Eötvös József College, Baja
  • University of Miskolc
  • University of Pannonia

Secondary schools specialized in water management and water utilities (technicians)

  • Dráva Völgye High-School, Barcs

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned training programmes within the framework of the MaVíz Academy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hungarian Water Utility Association
H-1051 Budapest, Sas u. 25., 4th floor
e-mail: info[at]maviz[dot]org