A Bulgáriai Víziközmű Szövetség közleménye

A Bulgáriai Víziközmű Szövetség közleménye

Az alábbiakban a Bulgáriai Víziközmű Szövetség (BWA) közleményét tesszük közzé.

BWA is the beneficiary of a European project for encouraging employment in Bulgaria’s water sector, under Operational Programme Human Resource Development 2014-2020. The Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz) Is A Partner.

The Bulgarian Water Association (BWA), in its capacity as beneficiary, signed a contract under project BG05M9OP001-4.001-162 “Encouraging Employment in the Water Sector” under procedure BG05M9OP001-4.001 “Transnational and Danube partnerships for Employment and Growth” under the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020, funded by the European Union. This happened in the building of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy at Triaditsa Street in Sofia, on 6 November 2017. The total amount of the project is BGN 125,854, constituting a grant of BGN 118,794 and BGN 7,060 in own contribution.

The project comprises a set of activities identified based on the objective needs of the water sector of the Republic of Bulgaria of qualified workforce, promotion of activities related to the sector’s development and effectiveness and adapting processes, approaches and human resources to the common European level of development and efficiency. Activities are envisaged for the transfer of best practices, innovative approaches, methods for raising the qualification and development potential of workers and stakeholders in the water sector. The project envisages a series of analyses, consultations, surveys, trainings, seminars and other events in order to achieve the objectives.

The Bulgarian Water Association partners with The Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz), whose seat is in Budapest. The project proposal falls within the scope of component 2 of the procedure – Danube area partnerships for employment and growth, and will enhance the inter-regional and transnational cooperation between partners from the two countries. This will be achieved through a survey, identification and implementation of innovative approaches and practices applied in Hungary in relation to meeting the needs of the labour market and the quality of jobs in the water sector, as well as by means of building administrative capacity for sustainable sector development in terms of human resources. The activities and events planned have been identified to correspond to four of the investment priorities under the thematic objectives, and the developed project proposal is in line with the specific objectives, target groups and eligible activities. Last, but not least, the activities, objectives and outcomes set are directly related to the objectives of priority 2 of the procedure and reflect the contribution requirements for achieving the performance indicators and results.

The project aims, through the defined activities and events thereto, to support meeting the needs of the water sector in the area of human resources, the development and upgrade of skills and knowledge of staff and stakeholders, so as to meet the modern requirements for maintenance, development and operation of systems and facilities, service provision and preservation of the water resource. Thus, the aims subdivided into the following objectives:

1. Identifying the needs for qualification and upgrade of the knowledge and skills of the persons employed in the water sector, potential employees, and employers in the sector.
2. Building a strategic approach and methods for the application of working models to satisfy the needs identified.
3. Pilot application of the analyses results, identified needs, formulated approaches and methods.

In order to fulfil these objectives, the experience of the Hungarian partner will invariably used, by identifying innovative practices successfully applied by it, and adopting a programme for their transfer and adaptation to the Bulgarian water sector.

An assessment is to be done of the results achieved, regarding the applicability of the innovative elements. The assessment will include the following parameters:

• Monitoring of the project objectives achievements and outcomes, and their connection to meeting the target group’s needs;
• Specificities in performing the envisaged activities and their conection to the project’s objectives and outcomes;
• Effectiveness and efficiency of the envisaged expenses regarding the objectives set, the activities planned and the results achieved.

The assessment will be based on surveys, minutes, meeting reports, feedback questionnaires, etc. Interviews with the team project and the target groups are another option for obtaining information for the purpose of assessment, etc.

The internet address of Single Information Web Portal for general information about the management of EU Structural Funds and EU Cohesion Fund of Republic of Bulgaria is: www.eufunds.bg