Georgian delegation visited the MaVíz Secretariat and several stakeholders of the Hungarian Water Utility Sector

Georgian delegation visited the MaVíz Secretariat and several stakeholders of the Hungarian Water Utility Sector
Experts from the United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) participated in a one-week study tour focusing on the topic of “Non-Revenue Water (NRW) management” and best practices in Hungary between 11–15 of April, 2016.

LLC “United Water Supply Company of Georgia” (UWSCG) was founded on January 14, 2010. The company provides water and wastewater treatment services throughout Georgia for urban settlements excluding Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Rustavi and the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. The structure of the company consists of a head office, 6 regional affiliates, 50 service-centres and employs around 2,700 staff members. The state owns 100% of the company’s shares. The main activities of the Water Company include: water abstraction, treatment and supply, design of water and sewer networks, construction, installation, maintenance, operation, production and the rehabilitation of constituent elements of the water and sewer systems.

Under the Project “Technical Assistance on Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Investigation in 6 towns in Georgia” that is financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), UWSCG receives support to prepare and implement water sector investment schemes and improve the performance of the water supply and wastewater infrastructure assets within Georgia. As part of “component B” – “Training existing staffs in NRW reduction techniques, transfer of know-how”, the winning consulting company Eptisa organized a study tour in Hungary, in a close collaboration with the Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz).

The study tour took place in the period of 11–15 of April, 2016 with the purpose of knowledge transfer from the experts of the Hungarian water utility sector to the representatives of UWSCG. In the future they will be able to share this experience with other colleagues regarding the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in water loss assessment, management, leakage reduction, control and improvement of customer metering.

On the first day, Secretary General Miss Edit Nagy welcomed the delegation at the MaVíz Secretariat, which was followed by a brief overview of the Hungarian Water Utility Sector presented by Adrian Kiss, co-ordinator of international relations, highlighting the main characteristics of the sector and the evolution of the integration process since 2012. This was followed by a general overview of water loss management techniques and best practices in Hungary and at the international level presented by Senior Advisor, Mr. Csaba Várszegi.

On Monday afternoon, experts from the Hungarian water utility sector gave presentations on NRW related topics, including Mr. László Varga from Aquacust Kft on water loss detection technologies and Mr. Péter Treuer from VAG-Armaturen GmbH on pressure management techniques.

On Tuesday, the delegation enjoyed the hospitality of Budapest Waterworks, where Mr. Tamás Bencze, international business development director welcomed the participants and introduced the operational areas of Budapest Waterworks with a focus on its intensive international activities.

Mr. Géza Csörnyei,, operation director of the water division explained the non-revenue water management and hydraulic modelling practices within the company with and accent on NRW. Before lunch, the last point on the agenda was to visit the operation centre of the company, where Mr. János Lengyel presented the SCADA system and the MIRTUSZ work force management programme. In the afternoon, the participants visited Budapest Central Waste Water Treatment Plant.

On Wednesday, the Georgian experts travelled to the headquarters of MOM Zrt. in Mátészalka. The words of welcome by CEO Mr. Regis Metens was followed by a guided tour in the factory of the company, where also the manufacturing process of the CORONA MWI and CORONA MCI water meters was inspected that have been developed by Hungarian engineers. The technical visit was followed by several presentations on various topics including the company’s profile as an innovative producer in water metering by sales and marketing director, Mr. Dávid Timár, smart devices on MOM Ltd.’s product portfolio by product manager, Mr. Erik Schalbert and finally on the IZAR System by system engineer and product manager, Mr. Ákos Kelemen.

On Thursday, the delegation enjoyed the kind hospitality of Bácsvíz Zrt. in Kecskemét. Deputy Executive Director of Serivces, Mr. Tibor Szigeti welcomed the delegation and gave a short presentation about the profile of the company and its areas of operation. This was followed by an introduction into the best practices and technologies that are used at the water loss controlling department of the company to detect water leakage presented by Mr. Tibor Kerekes. After this, experts of Bácsvíz Zrt. showed their water loss inspection vehicle to the delegation and demonstrated the detection process of a "fake" water leakage. During lunch Mr. Viktor Kurdi, Director of Bácsvíz Zrt. also joined the delegation and initiated a friendly discussion on the similarities and differences between the two companies. This was followed by a technical visit to the newly renovated Water Treatment Plant and to the compost factory at the WWTP guided by Mr. Gergely Tóth and Mr. István Padra.

The one-week programme was finished by a presentation about the MaVíz Secretariat and by the conclusion of the study trip. The Hungarian Water Utility Association is committed to assist its members in the participation of international projects. Hopefully, the visit of UWCSG experts was the beginning of a fruitful co-operation between the company and the different stakeholders of the Hungarian water utility sector.